6 Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants

The loss of teeth in one way or the other has been increasingly recorded among adults within the age of 20-50 and even above 50 years. There are different types of tooth replacement option but the dental implant is widely recommended above other implants. The dental implant, when done with professional hands like the ones in Oracare center, it’s believed to have more success compared to the other options available. However, if you have been feeling reluctant about getting a dental implant, see this list of reasons to find a motivation and restore your smile.

#1. It’s Long Lasting

The use of Dental bridge last for 5-10 years and crown can last from 10-15 years, but dental implant can last a lifetime when proper care is observed. Thus, they are designed as a permanent solution for missing tooth. They are cost- efficient when compared to other types of tooth replacement options

#2: No Cavities

Dental implants do not undergo decay because they are made of titanium. They also help avoid tooth erosion, this due to the stress prevented on the teeth by dental implant

#3: They Are Like Your Natural Teeth

Dental implant offers maximum functionality when eating and speaking. It also appears like the natural teeth. They do not cause sores and doesn’t require the use of adhesives; these are because they are not bulky and are permanent. Speaking and eating is not interfered with by the permanent implant. Chewing gum with dental implant feels the same way as chewing with natural teeth.

#4: Preserves Jawbone

The jaw bone is preserved by the permanent teeth implant. The tooth supports the jaw bone and prevents atrophy. Lack of teeth can lead to the degeneration of jaw bone which will make the tooth replacement almost impossible. The jaw will then require a procedure called bone grafting which helps regenerate the jaw bone

#5: Appearance

The teeth are very important in preserving the shape of the face and also supporting the facial structure. The lack of some teeth can lead to sagging of the face. The use of dental implant helps help improve appearance while giving a younger look

#6: Tooth Stability

There is a shift of surrounding teeth to the position of a missing tooth. This takes them out of position thus, destabilizing the teeth. The use of dental implant help keeps teeth in place and also prevents periodontal diseases and further tooth loss.

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