Living Longer and Better: Training to Stay Healthy

To stay healthy, you should do regular exercise, but the question is how long and how much can make you reach your fitness goal.

This decision depends on your ability, your goals, equipment you have, and availability of your time, and your likes and dislikes. The fitness isn’t unidirectional, lots of books were written on reaching a goal, each trainer has their own approach, but the destination is one, and that is the goal fitness.

How many days do you train in a week?

If you are a fitness crazy person, you spend more time on the gym; else you don’t spend as many times. But a common thing everyone says that if you want to stay fit, you need to at least train three times a week. Less than three times a week will have less effect on your body, and you will only be able to achieve low fitness. Therefore, to obtain your fitness goal in a reasonable amount of time, you need to train at least three times a week. Though exercising four or five times a week is more preferable, but people don’t have that many times these days. When you are training your body four to five times a week, your body gets more challenges, and your body adapts to it and gets more stronger and leaner, and fitter.

How long should you train your body in a single session?

People believe that working out for 30 minutes efficiently and using this time wisely is effective enough. But actually, train and stay healthy approach is that you should workout at least for 45 minutes to an hour time. In the first 10 minutes, you warm up and mobilize your body, and then next 30 to 40 minutes, you carry out weight training, and then cooling down and stretching yourself will take around more 5 to 10 minutes. But if you are doing interval training or conditioning sessions, 30 minutes workout will be fine.

So, do not overstress or over challenge your body so that it can’t cope anymore. Your body should be able to cope with exercises, and it should accept the challenge if it can’t then you will be in trouble. So, it needs rest too and also it needs training for time bound sessions in a routine.

Is it dangerous for weight training two or three days in a row?

Weight training for two days in a row is okay, but not three days in a row. As per trainers, your body needs rest in between every session, but you should train your body regularly. You can train your body two days a week in a row but exercising three consecutive days will harm your body. If you are an advanced lifter, you can train your body three days in a row; there wouldn’t be any problem.

Your muscles need time to recover. If the muscle doesn’t get enough rest as it needs, the tendons and joints will get overloaded and will become sore, or worse, which can lead to injuries which them might need surgery to recover. So, for a long period, you cannot train your body, and you will get weight and all your hard works for all those days will go in vain, leaving aside the financial part.

But if you are training your different body parts every day, then you can deal with weight train on consecutive days. This is because the body part which you were working yesterday, might need rest today, but the other parts are ready to take the training, therefore. You can train the other parts and rest the part of the body you trained yesterday; though most of the professional trainers will tell you that if you are in the training sessions for losing weight and fitness, whole body workouts are the best.

What should your exercise plan comprise with?

When you are trying to make a well-balanced exercise plan, you need to include cardio (aerobic and anaerobic) works as well as a combination of weight training. If you don’t have much time, make time for two to three weight sessions per week.

The importance of sleep

The reply is, “Yes, sleep is very important.” On an average, you should get at least seven to eight hours of peaceful sleep every night. While you are asleep, your body rebuilds the damaged muscle tissues.

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