4 Common Procedures Done at a Dental Clinic

A person doesn’t visit a dental clinic only for broken teeth problems. There are many other dental problems that require a visit. At times, it’s not even a problem but many people visit the clinic for maintenance of their teeth like for teeth whitening or regular cleaning.

The 4 most common procedures that are done at a dental clinic are:

Root Canal

It is an endodontic treatment that is performed by either an endodontist or a dentist. It is done when a tooth gets damaged to such an extent that the tooth root is exposed. Such a damaged tooth pains a lot and requires a root canal to relieve the pain and to save extraction of the tooth. It involves the removing of the inflamed tooth pulp and the tooth root from underneath the enamel and the dentin. Earlier, root canal was a very painful therapy, but when done at a contemporary clinic like Pur Dental Clinic equipped with all the advanced facilities, it is an efficient and less painful process.


A crown is placed on all those teeth that are either dead or crumbling. It’s a type of dental procedure where the tooth is given a tougher covering that is made of biocompatible materials like gold, tin, or ceramic/porcelain metal composite. The underlying tooth needs to be reshaped to accommodate the crown properly.

Tooth Extraction

As the name suggests, it means removal of the tooth. It is done when the tooth cannot be saved as it is diseased and problematic beyond repair. Extraction is also required in case of wisdom tooth, which often doesn’t have space to grow because of the small jaw size. All dentists perform tooth extraction by local numbing and then pulling out the problematic tooth. The extraction of wisdom tooth, if it involves the gum, requires proper surgery and not all dentists can do that.

Dental Implant

A missing tooth, which can result due to various reasons, is often replaced by implants. These implants are titanium studs or posts that are fixed properly into the same tooth socket and bone where the natural tooth was. After the area gets healed, which can take anywhere between 4 and 6 months, the artificial tooth is placed atop this implant. The artificial tooth looks, feels, and functions absolutely similar to the natural tooth.

These four are the most common dental procedures that make people visit the dental clinics.

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