Anti-aging Treatments

However, it’s not necessary to endure it: whether with botulinum (Botox®), hyaluronic acidity (filler), laser or autologous fat, you are able to combat these unloved changes often.

Useful information regarding wrinkle injection / wrinkle treatment


Duration: 15 for an hour according to effort and treatment. If preferred, an anesthetic cream or local anesthesia can be achieved. We use: botulinum, hyaluronic acidity, calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®), autologous fat.

Wrinkle injection with botulinum contaminant A (Botox®)

Using Botox® is useful for expression lines which come from muscle movements. Botulinum relies precisely on the reason behind these wrinkles. The ingredient is gently injected to the muscle involved. The microbial protein contained within temporarily inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses for the muscle concerned. Muscle activity is reduced, the skin appears smoother. Botox® is particularly effective for laughing lines concerning the eyes, but additionally for thus-referred to as “frown lines”.

Wrinkle injection with fillers

For wrinkle injection, we use fillers for instance calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®) or hyaluronic acidity. The composition of hyaluronic acidity comes near your own body’s own hyaluron which is therefore well tolerated. By injecting with fillers, pronounced wrinkles are completed and elevated (eg nasolabial folds). Hyaluronic acidity may also be suitable for gently contouring and emphasizing lip contours. Even lost volume inside the mouth area area, we could rebuild with fillers.

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Wrinkle treatment with laser

A laser skin treatment is particularly effective for small superficial wrinkles wrinkles. Using condition-of-the-art laser technology, the surface of the layers of the epidermis are removed and could re-form. The regrowing skin shows a considerably fresher and smoother skin.

Pressing with dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is probably the surgery. Hereby, under local anesthetic, the specific skin zone is robotically abraded initially glance. Consequently, wrinkles, bumps and scars are eliminated greater than a large area – the skin renews itself and will receive a youthful plus much more even appearance.

Wrinkle injection with autologous fat

According to the amount build-from bigger skin zones, injecting with autologous fat promises great outcomes. However, the appropriate fat cells must first be utilized elsewhere. This makes the process more difficult, but it provides a positive side-effect: The appropriate liposuction concurrently eliminates undesirable fats on problem areas.

Pre and publish treatment

First, we clarify in the personal consultation, which wrinkle treatment is right for you. 7 days before your treatment appointment, you have to quit taking blood stream thinners for instance aspirin. This permits us to lessen undesirable bruising after treatment.

After wrinkle treatment with fillers or Botox treatment treatment, there can be minor puffiness and redness. You may also experience mild bruising. Both signs and signs and symptoms are transient generally return rapidly. Dermabrasion or laser skin treatment creates a scab layer have a tendency to heals in the week. The skin remains quite sensitive for just about any day or two. During this time period you have to steer obvious from the sun and rehearse a greater sun-protection factor.

With whom is what sort of wrinkle treatment appropriate?

A wrinkle treatment solutions are basically suitable for individuals men and women who wish a far more youthful and fresher appearance. If mimic wrinkles for instance frown lines or smile lines concerning the eyes are distracting, treatment with botulinum contaminant is recommended. Fillers for instance hyaluronic acidity work for filling individual wrinkles and for having to pay for volume losses. For just about any large-area control over wrinkles areas, bumps or scars laser skin treatment or dermabrasion is certainly a choice. If extensive volume losses ought to be compensated, wrinkle treatment with autologous fat is smart. Sometimes a mixture of different treatment techniques is recommended.

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