Esthetician:  A Job Description

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Estheticians are becoming more and more popular these days, even if the term is relatively new and not everyone understands just what this job entails.  So lets take a look at what, exactly, an esthetician does!

Estheticians and Skin Care

For the most part, estheticians are trained and specialize in one or more modern skin care methodologies.  A visit to an esthetician typically begins with a detailed skin evaluation and this evaluation utilizes specialized equipment along with magnifying lamps which allows the clinician to evaluate the appearance and overall condition of your skin. In addition to this, an esthetician may also:

  • Perform massages (facial)
  • Apply chemical peels (for the purpose of reducing fine lines and age spots)
  • Perform various other professional skin care facials and extractions
  • Demonstrate effective cleaning and skin care for patients
  • Remove facial and body hair (often through waxing techniques)
  • Apply treatment masks
  • Determine skin care products that might be effective in treating patient skin care conditions or to improve skin quality, clarity, and appearance
  • Recommend new skin care treatments, products, and regimens such as microderm abrasion or Mediluxe Coolsculpting
  • Further educate a client on cosmetics, facial care, hair care, and nail care

Cosmetics and Makeup Artistry

Sometimes estheticians will advise clients on the makeup they should use—brands, colors, products, techniques—to best serve their skin tone, skin type, complexion, and face shape.

  • Makeup application instruction
  • Customize makeup product regimen and apply cosmetic products for the client
  • Recommend and/or sell cosmetics directly to the client
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

Medical Procedures

In some cases, estheticians can be trained and qualified to perform one or more of the following medical procedures for skin treatment:

  • Pre-op skin care
  • Clean and maintain and sterilize equipment and all work areas
  • Administrative assistance regarding medications and treatments
  • Post-op skin care

Business-Related Skills and Responsibilities

Of course, estheticians are professional skin care practitioners, so they must also study and possess the skills required to run a successful business.  Accordingly, an esthetician should have training in various business skills and business responsibility:

  • Clientele record keeping
  • Sales transactions
  • Payment collection
  • Customer service
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Maintaining a consistent and regular appointment calendar
  • Bookkeeping
  • Ordering, regulating, tracking, purchasing, and evaluating product inventory, supplies and related materials and other equipment to effectively sustain daily operations
  • Merchandise sales and salon and/or spa marketing

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