Is A Communications Degree Right For You?

The existence of Communication Degrees does not make them an option for all people. As a broad field, Communications include a set of disciplines. Even so, they all demand for common skills and interests. Obviously, the love of watching the universe up close, announcing and reporting your observations to the world, designing campaign plans and interacting with many nations makes a Communication Degree ideal for you.

Similarly, individuals with the desire for raw things and partaking of real-time occurrences should prioritize a University of Phoenix Communications Degree. You will always rush and give your best to gather facts. You will always go through chunks of data to gain facts and air your news behind cameras to innumerable viewers and listeners. You might never beat deadlines and you will always start on new projects in haste.


Often, expert writers and speakers comprise the multitude of international students with aspirations of attending communication skills. All careers linked to communication demand for the potential employer to illustrate their ability to communicate brilliantly. They should also depict the ability to inform, persuade and write well. Most Communication School candidates’ practice creating brochures and broadcasting on both radio stations and they do this on school television news. In addition to developing campaigns, these students also exercise and perfect the art of writing for School Magazines. Most of the pride in using rhetoric and they know the perfect ways of reaching the hearts of specific audiences. This makes a Communication Degree suitable for people who apart from cherishing the beauty of communication, they also love to inform and challenge perspectives both verbally and in writing.


You cannot pursue a career in communication without linking with the world. This particularly lets international students of Communication work on interviewing, networking and extra people skills. The learners also have to aggressively search for timely information as required. This implies that individuals who panic at the idea of connecting with the sphere will endure immense stress while pursuing a Communications Degree. Similarly, you must overcome the shyness that overwhelms you once you settle for a communication’s course. This is because outstanding written and oral skills will not help you in networking, interviewing and presenting your projects. In addition, most firms hire graduates in Communication Degrees with strong connection skills. Hence, apart from your typical classes that stress on these skills, you should attend several classes on networking or simply work with your school’s media in order to overcome stage fright and shyness.


Communications degrees undoubtedly present specific careers for successful graduates. Depending on the demand for their services, most International Students who complete this degree can go for jobs in Journalism. They can work as a print, online and/ or broadcast journalists. They can also work as PR specialists, social media specialists, writers, authors, editors and advertisers among others. You must demonstrate flexibility with your work hours and their official responsibilities. You should work fast and always meet deadlines. These careers will change your perspectives of viewing the universe as you present it to your viewers. Therefore, candidates pursuing this career must go for their degree in communication with a guided focus.

In conclusion, when considering a Communications Degree from the University of Phoenix

, you should prioritize communication, connections, and careers. Although these aspects can make you a perfect candidate for this course, you should look at the reasons for avoiding this course. For example, indecisiveness, career opportunities, the economy and monetary issues should stop you from undertaking this degree. You should nonetheless have a passion for this course and career and excitement for the same in order to succeed in this field. You must have enthusiasm for information, people, words, and media. Luckily, you can attend a few classes or use availed Campus media to decide on carrying on with this degree. Correspondingly, if you cannot envisage yourself in front of a camera or in a newsroom working amidst networking drafters, then you should not waste much time in this degree. Instead, you should look for a career that matches your interests and personality.

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