10 Ways to train your brain

We go to the gym and clubs to work out so that we can train our muscles and body to be better and stronger. But have you heard of brain training techniques that can train your brain so that it becomes sharper, stronger and healthier too? We are sure you must have heard and the craving to know more about this topic has brought you here. Therefore, through this article, we will tell you 10 such effective tips that will help you in training your brain the right way.

  • Give yourselves a few tasks to remember:

Every day you must be having a lot of tasks to accomplish. We end up making diary notes of them. But once you have written down the important tasks, give yourself 2 minutes to see through the list and memorize them.

  • Walk on the wrong side for a few seconds:

While on a pathway for pedestrian crossings, try walking on your wrong side. This will make you more conscious of what you are doing. Your brain will rewire its capabilities and start functioning accordingly.

  • Do your daily tasks in a different way:

When you do something differently, your brain starts to function rapidly. For example, if you use the left hand for brushing your teeth on a particular day you will be a bit slower but a bit more conscious. Be ore repetitive in trying to do everyday tasks in a bit different manner.

  • Learn a new language:

Do you remember that when we started learning the basics of our current language, things were not the same? Because we remember them even now! Everything else about the language is so common and we hardly remember how it became a part of our routine. Therefore, learn a new language and start with a few words every day. Resonate with them in your routine and it will be fun too.

  • Acquire a new skill:

It doesn’t have to be the learning of mechanisms of artificial intelligence! Just acquire any new skill that you must have been looking forward to since a long time. Learn the basics and the complexities and try to inculcate the improved consciousness for longer duration in your daily routine.

  • Indulge in a brain training program:

Train your brain through advances of the internet. Various websites such as MindValley Academy indulge in brain training programs that are essential for overall improvement and functioning through online videos and tutorials. Get yourself registered into any of such programs and take advantages of their advanced techniques.

  • Workout for the brain too:

Although we believe that work out and exercises are meant for bodily development, there is much more to exercising than merely sweating it out. Exercises help in the smooth flow of blood and thus help in retaining brain functions smoothly.

  • Talk to someone you love:

Our brain too needs pampering just like our body. When we talk to someone we love such as family or friends, we feel happy, rejuvenated and excited at the same time. Therefore, train your brain with a little love and practice by spending quality time with the people who make you feel good about your life. Positivity is essential for our life.

  • Play brain games:

Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, teasers, and other such activities help in enhancing the fluency of our thoughts in complicated directions. So, make them a part of your routine.

  • Eat healthy and right:

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Therefore, eat foods that make you healthier and your brain sharper.

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About the Author: Danny White