3 Types of Fitness Classes that Burn the Most Calories

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Looking for fitness classes that give you the most burn for your buck? We can help you with that. One thing MUV Fitness center in Spokane knows is classes. Many fitness classes last the same amount of time, but burn different amounts of calories. What you should take depends on the goals you’ve set. These are the classes you should take to burn the most calories.

  1. Spin (Cycling)Class

This workout is designed to be a high intensity workout. You will most definitely burn fat and calories as well as get your cardiovascular taken care of all in one workout. If your intended goal is strictly to burn fat or calories, you will need to focus more on the resistance side of the workout than the cardio. This is a workout designed to target multiple muscle groups.

The muscles that will benefit from this high intensity workout consist of but are not limited to the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and abdominal areas. Therefore, you will get a complete body workout and reach the maximum heart health desired, fat burn, and calorie deletion intended.

  1. HIIT

High intensity interval training is a strategy where participants complete high energy, fast-paced workouts that last a short amount of time. The chunks of heart pumping exercises include small rest or recovery period that may include less intense exercises. Most HIIT workouts include very little or no cardio. The combination of strategies support burning high amounts of fat in one exercise period.

  1. Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness is a great way to burn a large number of calories. This is also a great way to incorporate full body workout and reach your goal related to the total calories you intend to burn. Not only does dance fitness promote calorie burning, it also provides an avenue to support heart health, muscle toning, and weight loss.

Dance fitness can also target many of the problem areas such as legs, glutes, abdomen and hip areas. That way, you are getting a semi full body workout and burning your desired calories.

These high intensity and interactive workouts can burn between 420 and 932 calories depending on your weight. For a complete calorie burning strategy, work with a personal trainer in Spokane.

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