MTHFR mutated genes and its effects:

MTHFR is an important enzyme in our body which is responsible for the proper functioning of our body and mind. If any alterations occur in these and if any changes in methyl content occur the person will face many kinds of major health issues. MTHFR test will be done to check the presence of the amount of methyl content and also the presence of some important MTHFR mutation genes. These genes are solely responsible for the functioning of our heart.

MTHFR test kit can be used to check if we want to test manually or else there are many popular labs over the world conducting MTHFR tests. There are some important inferences which should be noted after receiving the test results. The observations and inferences might help you to prevent some of the major diseases.

Generally two major MTHFR mutations are observed which plays the major role in altering the substances in our body. These two genes are C677T and A1298C. The availability of these two mutations and the amount of the presence of these two genes mutations will provide us many important details.

Inferences based on the presence of C677T and A1298C:

As said above these two mutations are the well analysed mutation genes among the many available out there. These mutation genes are passed from both the parents.

  • If the presence of C677T is stronger and there are no mutated genes then it will lead to many diseases.
  • If the presence of C677T in lesser amount and the absence of other major mutation genes then it will be normal for a normal body.
  • If the presence of A1298C is lesser then the possibilities to become a victim for many diseases is less.
  • If the presence of A1298C is higher, then it will act as an intoxicating agent which will cause many diseases.

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