Stress Can Make You Ill Too. Know How

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The fast-paced 21st-century life can be quite stressful, with the society rewarding and celebrating mindless overworking coupled with cut-throat competition without any respite. We have stopped taking breaks, and when we do, we are overwhelmed by a strong sense of guilt. But what we have failed to realise is how harmful stress can be for our bodies and minds. It is making us sick in ways we often even fail to recognise. Excessive stress not only hampers our mental peace, but it also weakens our physique.

  1.    We usually attribute rashes to allergies, but those itchy red bumps could be caused by stress too. If you happen to get covered in red bumps of unknown origin, suddenly you might want to blame the extra stress that you have been taking over the week. Excessive stress affects our immunity system and weakens it considerably so that even the slightest exposure to things such as soap or lotions causes it to act up. There is a sudden release of histamine to fight what the body supposes to be an ailment, and this chemical causes our bodies to get covered in itchy rashes. The best way to get rid of it would be to take a breather and cover the rashes with a cool damp towel.
  2.    Stress also affects our nervous system, and an overwhelming amount of it affects our blood vessels and muscles to cause an excruciating headache. Using lavender oil or peppermint oil can reduce the headache considerably. You can buy them at our website, and avail amazing offers at Following a strict sleep schedule, and sleeping in a dark room can help with the headache. Sometimes stress along with sleep deprivation makes things considerably worse.
  3.    While sudden cramps or a malfunctioning digestive system are mostly caused by food or water, stress too can be the culprit. Stress causes our stomach to secrete digestive acids which might cause heartburn, bloating and gas. To ease the digestive troubles, you can take antacids, or drink a cup of soothing ginger tea.
  4.    Stress may also suppress your immune system considerably. So, the frequent bouts of flu and cold sores happen because your immunity system is unable to fight off the bacteria. While medication will help you get rid of the cold, it’s better to treat the cause rather than the symptoms. Drinking plenty of fluids, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables will strengthen your immunity system, while meditation and yoga can help reduce the stress.
  5.    If your skin suddenly starts to break out, chances are it is because of the excessive stress that you have been taking lately. Stress causes the body to release hormones such as cortisol which increases the secretion of sebum in the follicles which along with dead skin cells clogs the follicles and cause acne. You can treat the acne with tea tree oil, calendula oil, peppermint oil, etc. all available at our website. For discount promos, check out Wash your face properly with a mild cleanser, exfoliate with natural scrubs such as sugar, salt or bicarbonate of soda, and use a natural toner made with honey and essential oils. While doing all this will reduce the skin problems considerably, it is better to fight the stress head-on. Always taking a break now and then helps. Inculcating a hobby is also a fantastic way of fighting stress, as it keeps your mind off day-to-day affairs.
  6.    Stress also reduces the functionality of your brain. It tires out the brain cells, reduces the blood circulation into the brain, and increases the secretion of cortisol. Together they can cause severe mental health issues. It also causes a steep decrease in concentration, along with memory problems. Stress over a prolonged period may also lead to depression and anxiety. This is worsened by the fact that stress causes immense physical exhaustion, and this physical exhaustion amplifies everything.
  7.    As it has already been mentioned before, stress affects the immune system. Sometimes it may also cause the immune system to attack our hair follicles, and cause extreme hair loss. You can treat it by massaging a mix of almond, castor, and tea tree oil all over your scalp, followed by the hot towel therapy, and thorough cleansing of the scalp.
  8.    Body ache may also be a cause of excessive stress. Stress’s impact on the brain may cause psychosomatic body pain. The key to fighting it is taking plenty of rest.

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