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Trouble in fertilization is a common occurrence these days. There are several causes which may be responsible for this to occur. Physicians have been working since long to find ways to tackle this problem of the 21st century. Our disturbed lifestyle is somewhere one of the factors for this problem, and we may not underestimate it. The lifestyle, food and bad habits are some of the common factors that affect the human body, and those who suffer from this trouble could not attain the parentage. To help them the best option is to carry out the process of IVF which is available in the majority of the megacities these days.

Now, we have a problem, and we need to deal with it. So, here are some basic awareness and know how’s for your concerns related to IVF, you can also get to know how to conclude in your search for finding the best IVF centre in India.


IVF stands for InVitro Fertilization. This process helps fertilization, implantation and embryo development. It is a widely recognized form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). It works by the amalgamation of certain surgical procedures and medicines to aid the sperm to fertilize an egg, and further implant it in the uterus.

The work of IVF

  • Firstly, it’s the job of medicines to make most of your eggs mature enough to fertilize. It takes several months for ovaries to produce several eggs that are mature enough to fertilize after strict medication. This process is called Ovulation induction. During this process, timely ultrasounds and blood tests are performed to check the hormone levels and track your egg production.  
  • Secondly, the matured eggs produced by the ovaries are removed. With medications, the doctor inserts a thin, hollow pipe through the vagina into the ovary. Then a needle is coupled to a suction manoeuvre to pull the egg.
  • Thirdly, the egg is taken out of the body and mixed with sperm in the lab, resulting the sperm fertilizing the egg. More than one embryos are directly put into the uterus. Then, pregnancy takes place if any fertilized eggs implants in the uterus.  This needs to be done in a fertility clinic.

This is a very critical process and normally takes months to complete. At times, it is successful on the first go, and at times, you need to have more than one round to get pregnant. IVF is certainly one of the widely approached ways in case of infertility, but again there is no surety.

Side Effects of IVF

As all medications have some effects, IVF to has some effects that pop-up after the process is complete. Some of them are like cramping, mood swings, headaches, infections, bleeding and many more. If you encounter any such problems, then it is better to communicate the same with your concerned doctor at the very instant. Even consulting people who have been through this can be very helpful to clear small doubts.

How much does it cost?

This is a pretty expensive affair. The process of IVF includes medicines, tests and many more. Having health insurance would help you a lot. There are many state laws, that force these companies to bear a majority of the cost.

Choosing the right place

When you are mentally prepared for opting IVF, the first task would be finding some reputed labs to carry out your further process. In India, you would find a bunch of labs in every big city. Finding the best IVF centre in India for you is essential. So before jumping into any conclusion, just keep certain things in mind.

Your primary objective would be to know how does the centre you are approaching works, what are the facilities available, which doctors are visiting the clinic and lot more. Getting a particular specialist as the point of contact is very important. Certain clinics have different doctors attaining you on a rotating scenario.  

The second thing would be to know what are the facilities available at the centre and how trained are the people working over there and what are their experiences? Knowing these all, would also be a lot of help in need. You don’t have to go here there for tests and process to follow. You can just stick to one place and get your job done effectively.

The third aspect is to get awareness about the payment structure of the centre; you are approaching. Many centres have tied up with certain health insurance companies, who can finance your treatment. Even these days, many centres have schemes for payment refund, if things don’t go as planned.

These centres have even come up with schemes that break down costs. You need to pretty much aware of the cost incurred for the freezing of embryo and storage costs. This is a very critical process, and clinics charge a lot of money for doing that. So having a brief about them, would be better in figuring out the best-suited clinic for you.

Now you have figured out everything about the clinic. Now the task would be to analyze closely the track record of the clinic you have chosen. If you don’t see impressive success rates on their websites, then don’t even spend time investigating about them further. These centres must list their IUI and IVF success rates, breaking the analysis by taking certain age and quantity parameters.

Your approach

You should be your advocate. You should be alert at the time of consultation and take notes of everything you find important. You can ask any query that arises and analyzes the response from the other side. You should always be ready to take a second opinion if you find anything fishy. Never feel that this is the one last stop. Numerous places can solve your problem. When it comes to treatment, at times, you know better than your doctor does. So be brave and always trust upon your guts. Hope, all the insights will help you find the best IVF centre in India.

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