Diindolymethane for Men: What to Expect?

Testosterone is a significant contributor to men’s overall health. Optimized testosterone (T) levels can promote masculinity and good health. To ensure your T levels are at the ideal level, it is important to stay physically active and eat the right kinds of foods. Also, Diindolylmethane (DIM) supplements are also available to further promote your levels.

What is Diindolymethane

DIM is found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, causing the body to produce indole-3-carbinol (I3C), an organic phytochemical compound. Studies suggest that a diet rich in this compound can reduce the risk of various kinds of cancers. DIM is made when I3C breaks down during digestion. Studies have claimed that it can boost metabolism and hormonal balance in favor of testosterone production. There are also promising studies which reveal l the ability of DIM to decrease estrogen levels which is good for men.  This is because a high level of estrogen can make testosterone plummet.

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Possible Side Effects of DIM

Consuming cruciferous vegetables is good for the health; however, this does this mean getting more of it is better or that it is fine to take a big dose of the supplement? DIM is said to be non-toxic and with less serious side effects. The British Journal of Cancer published a study which found that side effects were reported by 69 percent of women who get DIM for risk of low-grade cervical cancer. Taking 150mg of DIM every day for six months can cause a change in urine color and weight gain. Other side effects reported include menstrual cycle changes, headaches, and increased bowel movements.

Why Men should Take DIM

Just like women, men can have estrogen dominance because of the lack of enough testosterone in their body. Low testosterone is likely to lower their libido can a poor testosterone to estrogen ration can cause some chronic problems. Supplementing with DIM can be a great option to balance the ratio. Also, DIM is cheaper.

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It is just imperative to test one’s hormone levels before taking DIM supplements. Although symptoms such as hot flashes can mean a lower T level, it is best to know what one is dealing with. A saliva test kit can be an option to determine the level of T in the body. But, a healthcare professional must be able to give a test and professional advice. The professional might inform you about research on how DIM works and it should work for your body.

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