Can Yerba Mate Cause Bloating And Any Other Stomach Issues?

According to WebMD, bloating isn’t on the list of potential side effects for consumption of Yerba Mate, a popular herbal tea. Yet upset stomach is a listed potential side effect, and there are others. Furthermore, consistent and habitual drinking over an extended period could lead to an increased risk of stomach cancer. The same goes for 7 other types of cancer as well.

While Yerba itself isn’t supposed to cause bloating, people do use additives to accentuate the taste of the tea. Therefore, you want to think about what you’re putting in your tea, too, especially if you drink it regularly. It is also not necessarily a tea that you want to drink regularly, especially if you make the stronger infusion drink, which uses more mate leaves for the mix.

Other stomach issues that are possible symptoms include vomiting and nausea. So you have upset stomach, nausea and vomiting that make the list of potential side effects. Bloating isn’t on the list, but you would think that you would also have to take into account the rest of your diet as well. Do you regularly get bloated for any reason? If so, you might want to talk to your doctor before you try anything new.

This tea might not cause bloating symptoms, but it’s not necessarily a beverage that is going to come to your aid either. At the same time, you might be wondering if this herbal tea is very acidic. The acidity of a beverage can have much to do with whether or not it can cause stomach or digestive issues.

The acidity of Mate tea falls into the middle in terms of the pH scale, so there isn’t too much concern there. Yet you see that there is a potential of possible side effects related to acidity, including heartburn. Other possible side effects include an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. As far as blood sugar goes, the herbal tea is actually supposed to help. By helping, I mean it is supposed to aid in decreasing blood sugar levels.

If you are an alcoholic, you might not want to drink this tea. The same goes for anyone suffering from an anxiety disorder or a bleeding disorder. Anyone with a heart condition or with diabetes may want to avoid Yerba-mate as well. Don’t drink it while you have diarrhea or if you have a blood pressure condition. Anyone with weak bones or irritable bowel syndrome might also want to avoid drinking this herbal tea.

Finally, smokers might also want to avoid this . There’s more to know in relation to the potential side effects, but that’s a good outline for you so far. If you’re new to Yerba Mate, you definitely want to dig into the details before you decide to go ahead and enjoy the beverage. That’s especially true if you’re going to be drinking it regularly.

You got more than you bargained for when wondering if Yerba Mate causes bloating, right? That’s good though because you have done a more thorough investigation into whether or not it is safe to drink this tea. You’re going to find out there are all kinds of possible side effects to many other beverages, too. Just know all the risks, and perhaps avoid drinking any one beverage too often.

When it comes to Yerba Mate, there are cancer risks, too. This was mentioned earlier, but keep that in mind. Those risks can be some of the most important factors to consider, and they can be good reasons not to drink it habitually over the long term. And remember, risks for possible side effects increase when you fall into one of the categories mentioned above.

Yerba Mate is a more often-consumed beverage in South America. But you can try it here with Amazon 2 day delivery. They could look at us in the US and wonder why our country drinks so much soda. There are cultural differences, and yerba mate is a South American cultural gem. It should be, ‘should be’ okay to try, but just don’t drink it too often. Think of it like any other beverage you wouldn’t want to drink all the time. It’s a delicacy, perhaps one with benefits, too.

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