Tips To Improve Your Memory

Some intellectual activity like reading, memory exercises, crossword puzzles, and chess play help maintain memory. Active lifestyle with regular physical activity and a healthy diet are basic to maintaining memory.

An excellent opportunity for the rescue and development of potential present throughout life is the participation in educational and memory reconsolidation therapy.

Religious Routine Brain Exercise has very Positive Effects on Memory:

Similar to what happens with muscular exercises performed to maintain physical shape, brain activity must also be performed frequently, always seeking to stimulate our main senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing, as well as our memory and intelligence.

The decline in our mental functions that occurs with age is due in large part to the lack of mental activity that often goes hand in hand with aging.

Several scientific studies conducted in several countries demonstrate that the mental decline that occurs with age can be avoided.

The concept that function makes the organ applies to both muscular fitness and brain fitness.

  • We must identify our various mental abilities and exercise them regularly, in that case, stimulate our perceptions, spatial notions, logical and verbal skills.
  • Brain exercises are nothing more than stimuli to brain functions that may be decaying due to age and have been active in the past. Activation should be done daily, during normal activities such as walking, during meals or even during shopping.
  • Every day try to observe an object or person and draw their main characteristics. At the weekend trying to remember the figures. It is a kind of memory exercise.
  • Identifying the taste and smell of food ingredients is also another thing you need to do daily in order to remember them.
  • Memorize the prices of things whenever possible and try to remember them later.
  • Try to identify people by voice when using the telephone, for example.
  • Memorize phone numbers.
  • Memorize the number of people you spoke with at the end of the day.
  • Then try to remember the same thing every week.
  • Always use annotations for later reference.

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